TZWL and DMT offer testing for air quality and hygiene of domestic ventilation units

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Expansion of the cooperation between TZWL and DMT enables manufacturers of ventilation units to directly order tests for air quality at TZWL


On November 2nd, Dr. Dirk Renschen, Head of Product Testing and Building Safety at DMT in Essen, and Taner Özbiyik, Head of Test Laboratory at TZWL in Dortmund, sealed a cooperation between their companies in the field of air quality and hygiene. Manufacturers of domestic ventilation units can now order tests of filters according to the new test regulation ISO 168890, as well as tests of HEPA filters based on DIN EN 1822 and tests for hygienic comformity of indoor air filters directly at TZWL. In the transition period to ISO 16890, TZWL and DMT also still offer tests according to the expiring test norm DIN EN 779.

Dr. Gringel, Chairman of TZWL, says that the cooperation enhances the testing services of TZWL: „With our close collaboration we can now examine domestic ventilation units regarding their hygienic measured data. By doing these inspections, we animate manufacturers to consider air quality factors and help them developing ventilation systems with a focus on hygiene.“ According to Gringel, ventilation units must adapt more to the living comfort of inhabitants and thus are subject to ever increasing requirements of air quality.


Ventilation units protect from pollutions in the indoor air


Besides the preservation of buildings and the energy saving, the indoor air quailty and hygiene are the third pillar of mechanic domestic ventilation. Clean indoor air is particularly important. The ventilation unit has to deliver sufficient clean air and let out used air efficiently at all times.


A demand-based humidification of fresh air also sets high requirements for these systems. By no means, the unit itself may pollute the indoor air through mistakes during development or installation. High standards regarding technical hygiene have to be adhered to by manufacturers and installers. The improvement of these standards, promoted by TZWL and DMT with their cooperation, is the core element of development of the next generation of domestic ventilation units.


Together, TZWL and DMT offer extensive test services since 2015


The new cooperation originates from an ongoing collaboration between TZWL and DMT in the field of sonic measuring of domestic ventilation units. This collaboration makes it possible for TZWL to examine units, according to the newest european regulations, not only based on performance and energetic data, but also on acoustic data. With the expansion of their test services to hygienic examinations, TZWL satisfies its aspiration to comprehensively guide manufacturers with the development of domestic ventilation units.


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