Testing with TZWL

We, the Europäisches Testzentrum für Wohnungslüftungsgeräte (TZWL) e. V. (European Test Center for Domestic Ventilation Units), test ventilation units and heat pumps according to German and European test standards. We conduct tests of ducted and non-ducted (single room) ventilation units with or without heat recovery and/or humidity recovery. Tests of combined units with ventilation, heat recovery and heat pump are also realisable.

On our test stands, we conduct tests for German Construction Approvals LüA 20, LüA 21 and LüA 22, accredited by the >> DIBt (German Institute for Construction), and for certificates issued by the >> Passive House Institute (PHI).

Additionally, we test your units, e.g. as development tests, according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN 13141-7
  • DIN EN 13141-8
  • EN 305
  • EN 306
  • EN 308
  • NT VVS 021
  • NT VVS 022
  • NEN 5138

Based on our test reports, manufacturers can draft >> EcoDesign-Labels for domestic ventilation units, which are obligatory for most units sold in the EU.

We operate the following test stands in our laboratory:

  • Leakage test stand - for internal and external leakage tests, testing conducted with pressure method or tracer gas.
  • Ventilation practice test stand - for testing of ventilation performance, measured according to (DIN) 18017 and (DIN) EN ISO 5801; specific fan power.
  • Thermodynamic test stand - for testing of heat recovery, humiditiy recovery and efficiency of frost protection.

The operating range of our test laboratory is:

  • volume flows from 2 to 400 m³/h
  • temperatures from -20 to 30 °C
  • relative humidity from 10 to 90 percent
  • electric power consumption of up to 7200 W

As part of a cooperation, we are also able to conduct tests of acoustic performances. Collaborating with DMT GmbH, we are capable of testing non-domestic ventilation units with an operating range of up to 100.000 m³/h according to German and European regulations, e.g. Eurovent.

As an NGO, our aim is to improve the technical standard of ventilation units by testing and helping manufacturers by developing efficient and sustainable units. Therefore, we additionally conduct development tests and provide manufacturers with vital information about improvements to their units. As a manufacturer, you can rely on many years of experience and trust our expansive support.

For consulting and advice on German or European standards, we will gladly be at your disposal.

Are you interested in testing with us or need additional information about our test laboratory? Please contact our head of laboratory, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Taner Özbiyik, whose contact data are displayed on the upper right-hand side. We are looking forward to hearing from you!